Unit: Troop 52
District: St Clair
Council: Lewis and Clark
Charter Org: Wolf Branch PTC
Swansea, IL

Approved: 15 May 2014

Annual Dues

Event Planning, Fees, Registration, and Cancellation

Family Member Participation at Troop Activities
A Troop 52 family weekend outing will be held once each calendar year at a time and location to be determined by the Troop 52 Committee membership. This is a unique opportunity for other family members to experience a scouting camping experience first hand. This annual event will be announced well in advance to give family members ample opportunity to adequately prepare for the event. Parents/guardians who are attending these activities are welcome to bring other immediate family members who wish to participate.

The welfare and security of individuals not insured through the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will be the responsibility of the adult family members. All visiting family members are encouraged to participate in the same activities as the scouts and will be charged a fee equivalent to the fee imposed on the BSA scout member attending the activity. Troop 52 may provide accommodations based upon availability on a first-come, first-served basis and the approval of the Troop 52 Committee membership. When camping equipment is not available, visiting family members must acquire equipment from other sources as their needs may dictate.

Non-BSA sponsored children and/or adults will be responsible to provide their own transportation to and from the scouting activity. Scouts are permitted to travel with their family, but under no circumstances will scouts be permitted to travel with individuals other than their family or a BSA-insured individual.

Troop 52 has many other activities throughout the year where scouts are instructed in many character-building activities and learn how to become better citizens. Unfortunately, family participation in some of these activities is not always possible. Legal liability and limited resources may at times limit participation of non-BSA sponsored individuals to only troop meetings and special ceremonies. Participation in activities other than those will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will also require approval from the Troop 52 Committee membership.

Summer Camp

Scout Accounts

Purchases and Reimbursements The need to purchase equipment and supplies for troop functions and camping events are a normal part of troop operations. While most items and their expected expenses are typically understood prior to the purchase, some occur due to unexpected events. To ensure clear financial records, accountability and a quicker reimbursement check, the following rules are to be used:

Equipment/Gear Use Policy
The primary use of Troop 52 equipment/gear is to support Troop 52 Boy Scout and Venture Crew group activities. The equipment may be obtained through purchases using troop funds or through donations by various organizations and/or individuals. The troop quartermasters are responsible for inventory and routine maintenance of troop equipment. In the event that the quartermasters cannot attend a troop activity, the attending registered adult leaders assume responsibility for the equipment. Normal equipment care such as cleaning gear and drying wet tents after use is shared by the scouts.

Troop equipment may also be used by scouts for scouting activities that are not attended by the troop as a group. For example, OA Ordeal or Brownsea camps may require scouts to provide their own tents. The scout is responsible for returning the gear clean, dry, and ready for the next use. Individual equipment use must be coordinated with the troop quartermaster(s).

In addition to scout activities, troop equipment may be used by registered adult leaders for non-scouting activities per the following:

Active Participation Requirements
For a scout to attain promotions in rank and for other achievements, a scout is required to be an active participant of Troop 52 and of his patrol. The following is Troop 52’s policy for active participation in the Troop and patrol.

Merit Badge Library Plan
Troop 52 will maintain a catalog of all of the merit badge books owned by the troop. The Troop 52 Librarian will keep track of which scout has which book checked out in the same way the library does. The troop will tape a pouch onto the back cover of each book that will hold a credit card identifying the book. The Troop Librarian will check out books from the library before and after meetings. The Troop Librarian will write the name and phone number of the scout borrowing a book on the book's identification card and the card will be filed in a box under the date on which it is due. Books will be allowed to be checked out for 4 weeks. If a book becomes overdue, the Troop Librarian will contact the scout to remind him to bring the book to the next meeting.

Merit Badge Guidelines
Before beginning work on any merit badge, a scout must first obtain the Scoutmaster’s advance consent to work on that merit badge. After obtaining the Scoutmaster’s approval, the scout must then obtain a “blue card” from the advancement chairperson. Scouts are not to work on more than three (3) merit badges simultaneously without advance consent of the Scoutmaster. Failure to obtain advance consent may result in denial of the merit badge(s).

An exception to the 3 merit badge limit is the 20-night campout requirement for the Camping merit badge. Scouts may begin tracking their completion of the campout requirement with their first campout. (Note that staying in a cabin does not count towards the 20 nights of camping.)

With the advance consent of the Committee, a scout may work on the long-term (30 days or more) requirements for other merit badges in addition to working on 3 merit badges simultaneously.

Troop 52 shall maintain a current list of available merit badge counselors associated with Troop 52 who will arrange to meet with scouts during or outside of troop meetings or other functions, to work with scouts on merit badges. Scouts who are members of Troop 52 are expected to first contact a merit badge counselor associated with Troop 52. If the Troop 52 counselor is not available to work on the merit badge, and with the advance consent of the Troop 52 Committee, the scout may work with a merit badge counselor selected from the Okaw Valley merit badge counselor list.

The Scoutmaster, or any Troop 52 adult leader designated by the Scoutmaster, may test the scout on any merit badge requested to be awarded to the scout to verify the scout has learned the merit badge material.

A parent shall not serve as merit badge counselor with his or her son unless another leader or another scout is present during the merit badge counseling sessions, and with the advance consent of the Scoutmaster.

A Troop 52 leader who is also a merit badge counselor planning to work with a scout on a merit badge shall make an announcement to the troop so that additional scouts may, on a first-come, first-served basis, work simultaneously on that merit badge. The merit badge counselor may limit the number of scouts working simultaneously with that counselor. If merit badge instruction is offered as a troop activity during a troop meeting or troop function (for example, First Aid), all scouts will be expected to participate. If the scout has already received the merit badge, that scout will be expected to assist in the instruction of other scouts.

Uniform Policy
The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization. This means that the members are expected to wear proper uniforms at all Scouting activities unless specified otherwise. There are two types of uniforms: Class A and Class B.

The Class A Uniform will consist of the Boy Scout Shirt (with appropriate patches and insignia), official Scout pants or shorts. Scouts who do not wear the official Scout pants will be expected to wear dark colored jeans (long or short legs) or khaki pants (long or short legs). Sweat pants of any color, brightly colored pants or shorts are not acceptable Scout wear. The Class A uniform should be worn to all Scout functions unless otherwise directed.

Optional parts of the Class A Uniform include an olive colored merit badge sash and various BSA jackets and coats. The merit badge sash is to be worn only with the Class A Uniform and is considered as "dress attire." The dress attire should only be worn at special events such as Courts of Honor, banquets, or as otherwise instructed. A BSA uniform ball cap or official hat is optional as well.

The Class B Uniform, which is to be worn when directed, and while camping, consists of any BSA casual shirt with the same pants wear policy as the Class A Uniform. Troop 52 has an official Class B T-shirt for summer and a sweatshirt for winter that is available for purchase.

Shoes are to be worn at all times. No open toed shoes, i.e., sandals, flip-flops, etc., are allowed to be worn accept during water activities. Tennis shoes are acceptable, however, take into consideration the type of activity, i.e., hiking and winter camping, when making your decision and wear the appropriate shoes or boots.

Troop Web Site Requirements
Troop 52 will adhere to minimum standards and requirements as dictated by the Lewis and Clark Council and as set forth by the Troop 52 Committee.