Directions to Camp Sunnen



From Wolf Branch School:


Take I-64 West.  Once crossing the Mississippi River (Poplar Street Bridge), take I-55 South.  Proceed on I-55 South until you get to Exit 174B (Highway 67), near Festus/Crystal City.  This is the Park Hills/Bonne Terre exit.  Take Highway 67 south and proceed until you get to the exit for Deloge and Park Hills.  This is for Highways 67 (business) and 8 West.  At end of exit ramp, turn right and proceed on south on Highways 67 and west on Highway 8.  At Park Hills, Highways 67 and 8 split.  Stay on Highway 8 and proceed west.   Be sure to turn right, crossing over the railroad overpass.  Remain on Highway 8 West, passing through Potosi.  Approximately 8 miles west of Potosi, look for the sign "BOY SCOUT CAMP SUNNEN" on the right side of the road.  Passing the sign, turn right on Washington Country Road 216 (blacktop road).  At end of Road 216 (do not enter gate), turn right on to the gravel road.  Follow gravel road to camp parking lot.



For additional information, check out the camp's web site at: